Britain is a worth thousands of pounds painting as a fake auction
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Britain is a worth thousands of pounds painting as a fake auction North Face Outlet

According to foreign media reports, a British man in 2006 by The famous auction house sotheby's, sell a suspected in The 15th century Italian painter caravaggio masterpieces "cheat" (The Cardsharps) painting. The painting had been considered by sotheby's capital goods, only sold at the price North Face Store of 42000 pounds. But buyers later confirmed that the painting is genuine. Now that the seller angry sotheby's Sue to the court.

Reported that sellers weitz's family for 140 pounds in 1962 to buy oil painting, the painting and Texas gimbel museum collection of paintings is extremely similar with the same. Sotheby's said, when the auction of oil painting, had been consulting caravaggio experts langdon and many famous scholars, according to oil painting by caravaggio disciples climb a copy.

In the end, the painting sold at the price of 42000 pounds. But buyers later confirmed that oil painting is North Face jackets an original, should be worth 10 million pounds. Sellers, in the high court accused sotheby's appraisal careless, for the loss.

When buying painting British collector mahon, known as the lost for the identification of caravaggio paintings, before his death in 2011 donated 58 picture collection to the gallery, including thought weitz "cheat". Now, the North Face outlet online picture is London's museum exhibition.