Campus shooting, Washington, us 2 people were killed
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Campus shooting, Washington, us 2 people were killed

In the northwestern United States moncler outlet store 24, north of Seattle, Washington, a high school shootings, police say two people were killed, including the gunman.

Events occurred at 10 am local time, 45 in maris, peel chuck middle school dining room, a male student from the backpack pistol shot at Cheap Michael Kors Outlet the students. A present student say gunmen then walked out of the restaurant and continue to shoot, then committed suicide.

At present, the police and university officials Cheap Michael Kors Bag declined to confirm the gunman identity and other personal information.

According to Cheep Michael Kors Handbags hospital sources, shooting a wounded four students, three of them are in critical critically ill.

Live television pictures showed, after the shooting, part of the students in police led out of the campus and take the bus to a nearby community church, and then back home by moncler outlet bus.

The police sealed off campus after the event, given the classrooms and other facilities. The federal bureau of investigation personnel enter the site.

Maris, peel away from Seattle, moncler outlet online about 50 kilometers, chuck middle school has about 2500 students.